How Do I clean my Reusable Steel Straws?

Each package comes with 2 cleaners. They are also machine washable and can withstand both warm and cold water. If you use them as pea shooters and get a pea stuck in them… well then there’s no helping you.

How long will it take to receive my order?

Upon checking out you can enter your shipping details and view your estimated date of arrival. On the other hand, if your girlfriend sees you checking somebody else out you may get slapped.

Will my metal straws have a metallic taste?

Absolutely not. Your straws come coated to prevent any metallic substances entering your mouth that alters its taste. They do smell like oranges though… Oh wait… that’s my deodorant.

Are metallic straws bendable?

No, unless you want to break it, like the latest Samsung mobile phone. Each package comes with 4 bent straws and 4 straight straws.

Can my bamboo makeup pads be washed in the washing machine?

Absolutely. They can be washed inside the mesh bag with your normal load on a warm water cycle for best results.

Am I supposed to wash my makeup pads before using them?

This is recommended but not necessary. Just like sheets and towels, washing them first will make them feel softer and allow them to have a better absorption rate.

Can I use my makeup pads with waterproof mascara?

Yes, of course. Simply apply your favorite makeup remover and use our pads as you would normally use your cotton ones.

Can fabric softeners be used to wash the pads?

Yes, however it will not improve or affect the texture of your pads… but at least they will smell dainty fresh.

What are the bamboo pads made of?

They are made from the pulp of Bamboo wood. It’s in the name really.

Will coconut oil help to remove makeup stains from the pads?

Yes, coconut oil will break up those hard to wash out makeup stains. Meanwhile walnut oil makes a really nice wood stain and vegetable oil makes crisp french fries.

What is the lifespan of the BamPads?

They will live until the darkness of the new world swallows them whole… or you’ve washed them 300-1000 times.

Why should I use a bamboo toothbrush?

If your normal toothbrush can only be used for three months, why does it take over 400 years to naturally decompose? Something that you use for three months shouldn’t exist for 400 years after it has lost use. This is the main reason why you should use a bamboo toothbrush. Oh, and they brush your teeth.

How to take care of your bamboo toothbrushes?

Simply keep them as dry as possible to preserve maximum lifespan. Also take them out for a meal once and a while. Don’t neglect them. The key to a long relationship is having fun.

Does your floss contain petrochemicals?

Absolutely not. Our vegan corn floss is 100% corn and does not contain any plastics or petrochemicals. They do have a little soul in them, however, and love to listen to Motown.