You’re not a bad person (probably), you just need a little guidance...

If you don’t consider yourself a tree hugger, then are you a tree hater? Why? Trees don’t hate you back. They hate squirrels… but that’s a long story filled with blood and heartache. Stop hating Mother Nature and start embracing the beauty of our planet. It's time that we banded together to help promote positive ideals and sustainable practices.

Save the planet, we have nowhere else to go!

Let’s be honest, Earth is the only planet we have. The moon may look enticing from down here, but it smells of farts and has a sitting tenant (we see you man on the moon looking down on us). We need to look after the planet we have. And let’s face it, this is a wonderful place. Have you seen some of the other planets? Jupiter has a storm that has raged for over 400 years at least. Where we work we get upset if it rains for longer than 30 minutes.

This is where we come in. Our online shop aims to help each and every one of you foster the idea that we only have one earth and one life to live on it. Why waste our time and energy destroying our home and hurting our surroundings? Not only should we be protecting the environment, we should be protecting each other from negativity and prejudice.


Our Story

Our company was born out of the collective-consciousness of us all. No matter how much someone pretends not to care, we know that deep down in that persons’ subconscious, feelings of empathy for the environment and fellow mankind live side by side with that chilli cheese burrito they ate last night. We recognise this and have built a site designed to help people express their inner love for others and the environment. Join us on a mission of preservation, innovation and purification.


Stop destroying our planet, it’s where I keep all my stuff

Have you ever heard the saying, “Don’t dirty the place where you sleep”? Well by using plastic straws and other single use items, that is exactly what you are doing. This planet is our home. It’s our bedroom. It’s our kitchen. It’s our garden. It’s our swimming pool. It’s our little annex that we use for entertaining guests that has a TV and a pool table in it. It’s our everything. You wouldn’t throw trash in your own pool, would you? It would make swimming interesting and potentially dangerous. Then why do it to our oceans? Our oceans are our swimming pools and they deserve to be clean. We need to have more care for our home and the many rooms and facilities it provides us with.